Given the responses to my Cracked Record entry on Facebook, I thought a bit more about influences on my writing might be in order. I have said frequently that my creative sense has developed because I am surrounded by creativity. Karen teaches speech and drama in her own private studio and often states that creativity, especially in this day and age, has to be as important as literacy and numeracy.

Drew is currently touring Australia with Karnivool on the back of three gold records and an ARIA, with album number four abut to be recorded and I have no doubt will go gold too.

And then there is the multi-talented Paul: movie and stage-actor voice-over artist, writer, composer and musician. My family members are influencers of my work. I describe all three as my role models, because that’s what they are in terms of creativity.

Paul’s is the voice reading my Short Stories and one of his compositions, “Baby Grand” leads into and concludes each story. While Karnivool has 1.5 million hits on their you-tube version of “All I know”, Paul has a few of his compositions up on iCloud. If you’re interested, go to

Veer is from Melbourne Australia who, when he’s not doing actory/voice-over type things in real life, appears to have written a few songs.