Hi and trust all goes well for you.

The WILUNA Solution

I received a comment on The WILUNA Solution a while ago, which I forgot to share with you. Anna Wright sent it and it read:

Hi Dave

Thank you so much for one of the best reads I have had this year. 

I needed something to read over the Christmas period. Your book caught my eye at the library. I found it so very well written, totally absorbing, intriguing and picturesque that I now want to go to Wiluna and immerse myself in the area.


Anna Wright

Thanks so much, Anna.

The Shire of Wiluna operates an Art Gallery (Tjukurba) at the rear of the Shire Offices, a building which was, as I say in the novel, the original hospital and central to the story. Tjukurba also stocks the story and has made a lot of sales, particularly during the tourist season. I sent this comment to them and they are interested in using it to promote the town, and the novel.

Speaking of sales, all three published novels have been selling well this year, not only through presentations, but also through the small number of outlets we deal with. In addition to Wiluna, Rottnest Island Store seems to maintain consistent sales as does The Book Caffe in Mill Point Road. Bless them for the support.

Hiding Place

For those interested, Visability (WA) has just let me know that Hiding Place has joined The WILUNA Solution as an audio book in MP3 Format. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, email me on www.aussieyarns.com or go to the website and use CONTACT. The cost is $25.00 for one of the novels and $45.00 for both (with postage extra).

I understand that Turn on a Light is now being recorded, so it’s exciting that all three will be available in this format soon.

101.7 FM Capital Events

Another my short stories is being presented on 101.7 FM this coming Saturday. As always, it will be read by Paul Goddard and occur around 11.00 am. The photo is from an advertisement he did for JEEP a while back. He has his mother’s good looks.


I am still pondering the offer from an English company to publish Turn on a Light. My hesitation is mainly not being able to understand the process of how it promotes to vendors. I have decided to request a meeting with the editorial board when Karen and I go to England to discuss the matter further. The CE has indicated that such a meeting could be possible and it seems a sound way to get clarity.’

I am also waiting for a response from an Australian Publisher. The group indicated interest but has not yet confirmed anything in writing. Still, I’m in no hurry and it’s nice to know publishers are interested.

Stay well and I will be in touch again soon.