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Month: April 2016

Merredin Com/Regional News

Nice to receive the feedback. Thanks to Emmalisa and Eric and those at the CRC. Rest your cursor on the date in the link below and left click. THis will create a second link, so click on that to get the article.

30_04_16 Merredin Article 1

Moving Ahead

Hi there. This is a reminder about next Saturday morning on Capital Radio 101.7 and to update you on the progress of “Turn on a Light”, the third and latest novel.

Tony Howes and Dale James present Capital Events from 9.00 am to noon on 101.7. Since January, either on the second last or last Saturday of each month, they play one of my short stories, read by our son, Paul. Next Saturday 30th April, they’ll be playing one of my favourites, partly because it provokes a great deal of thought. It’s called “Assimilation” and you may find it a stimulating thing to hear. Then again you may not, but I reckon it says a good deal about our history and the present ways we deal with Indigenous people. Whether you like it or not, however, there’ll be the chance to win either of the novels I have published to date: “Hiding Place” and “The Wiluna Solution”.The Wiluna Solution5bCover photo

As for “Turn on a Light”, it has just gone to the printers, which is exciting. I should get the first proof this coming week. Its major theme is  awakenings by organisations, communities and individuals to the struggle needed to overcome social inequities and allow all people to lead full and rewarding lives.

We are now arranging a launch date and site, and will let you know as soon as we have worked all that out.

16_03_16 Turn-on-a-Light

Good Times

Over last week, we travelled to some great places promoting Aussie Yarns and Hiding Place and The WILUNA Solution. Starting in Merredin on Monday in rain which brought smiles to many faces and hard work later in the week to get ready for seeding, we then went to Kellerberrin, Southern Cross, Bruce Rock and Quairading. We were due to present in Cunderdin on Friday but rain seemed to get the better of the day so we’ll go back there when things have settled down.

Each place has its charm and they are places we are familiar with, having lived in Tammin and Southern Cross. The presentation in Southern Cross was special because we caught up with people we hadn’t see for thirty years.

A special thanks to the CRC managers who publicised and promoted our presentation, and to the ABC in Kalgoorlie and Anthony Tilli at Merredin for radio interviews.

Below is a shot of the presentation at Merredin.


Central Wheatbelt Visit

We are really looking forward to this trip. It will take us back to several places we’ve either lived in or have connections with. While renewing acquaintances is important, however, presenting and discussing Dave’s novels is the top priority. As Dave said during his interview today on regional ABC, his stories take events in Australian history and sites that will be known to people, and through the use of fictional characters, depict his interpretations and attitudes that are part of our history. A particular focus is on non-Aboriginal attitudes to Aboriginal people and these stories, under the title of Aussie Yarns, question the extent to which attitudes have shifted over time. (See for more information on the novels.)


The itinerary is:

Monday, 11th April, Merredin CRC, 10.00 am (Dave may have accidentally said 11.00 am on the radio)

Tuesday 12th April, Kellerberrin CRC, 2.30 pm

Wednesday 13th April, Southern Cross CRC, 2.00 pm

Thursday 14th April, Bruce Rock CRC, 10.30 am

Thursday 14th April, Quairading CRC, 2.30 pm

Friday 15th April, Cunderdin CRC, 10.00 am