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Month: July 2016

The Launch and Other Things

It was a great night at Mr Walker on Mends St jetty in South Perth. e8de472a-5d40-4985-8b4d-760fda11cc82With Brett Walker as MC, Dale James from 101.7 introducing me, John Bailey launching the novel, and Brett’s staff providing excellent service, we think there was plenty to keep the 70 or so attendees satisfied. Karen and I appreciate all those who made the time to attend as well as those who assisted. It was good fun.

As I have said before, Mr Walker has a view to kill for, whether in daylight or at night. And below are a couple of shots of the actual launch50343197 1399719






Now that there are three novels out in the world, I’ve often been asked the relationship between them: that is, should one be read before the others or in a sequence. I’ve always explained that they are interdependent of each other, but at the same time, they are connected. At the launch, I explained the relationship this way.

14_07_16 TOAL Presentation Pic 1-page0001The novels are spaced about four decades apart: 2017 for Hiding Place, 1974 for Turn on a Light, mainly 1934 for The Wiluna Solution although some of it takes place in 2007, and the new novel, still tentatively named Life Sentence, in 1900. I regard each novel of a snapshot of history linked by a non-Aboriginal person’s interpretation of race relations with Aboriginal people in those eras. The personal relationships of each protagonist in each era allows different customs and values to be illustrated.

But as I say, each is interdependent of the other, partly because of the different eras, and partly because each gives a different perspective on race relations. Of the three published, however, I believe The Wiluna Solution shows the era when inter-racial relationships were probably at an all-time low, Turn on a Light shows the gradual change that emerged in that decade, and Hiding Place suggests a potential strategy to make a bigger difference in a much shorter time than currently occurs. In terms of opportunities for Aboriginal and Indigenous people that equate with those for non-Aboriginal people, there is still a long way to go.


July News

Book Tour Presentations

We’ve just returned from a good time in the South-West, taking in the libraries of Capel, Busselton, MargIMAG0010_BURST001aret River and Australind. Our thanks to the delightful librarians for their assistance and support and the many friendly people who attended to IMAG0008the hear the presentations. Below are photos of two presentation groups showing a sample of people from each one.

Launch of Turn on a Light

Just a reminder that the launch my third novel, “Turn on a Light” will be at 5.00 pm Monday 11th July at Mr Walker on the Mends St Jetty. Refreshments involving drinks and nibblies will be available, as well as the opportunity to buy the novel at a discounted price. In fact, all three novels will be available at a considerable discount, but only for Monday night. If you’d like to come and haven’t yet let me know, email to to express interest and let me know the number of people coming as well. There are just a few spots left, so be quick.

Audio Books

I’ve been told the audio-book of The WILUNA Solution is just on completed and will be available very soon. I will let you know when the production is finished, as well as how to purchase it and the two formats it will be in. (I believe one format is CD and the other is mp3, but as I say, I will let you know.) My thanks, however, to Dinesh Burah who is the Manager, Information and Education Services and Susie Punch as the Audio-Production Officer, both at VisAbility. In addition, I must compliment Elwyn for the marvellous job of reading the story and his constant search for correct pronounciation and Jane for her role in supporting that. For those who don’t know the production process, it’s time-consuming for all those involved, but done with immense care and attention to detail within sound studies at VisAbility. And my knowledge is that the readers of the stories are all volunteers which I deeply admire. I also have been told that Hiding Place is due to commence production on the next few weeks which is very exciting.

Formats for Novels

Each novel is available as a hard copy which can be purchased from me or from certain booksellers (email and I will let you know the cost and other details). Alternatively, email me on the same address for the ISBN so your favourite book-seller can make contact, or give him or her the email address. As a third option, “The WILUNA Solution” and “Turn on a Light” are available in ebook format on Amazon, and I will be putting “Hiding Place” up in the same format in a few days. Again, I will let you know.