I need to be clear with whomever reads this article that I’m not a university student of literature, nor a lecturer. During my study for my degree, I took a unit called English 10, which I passed. So I enrolled in English 20. The focus was on Shakespeare and it took me about three weeks to decide it wasn’t for me. So when you read this, please see me as someone who has gone from writing formal research reports to creating fictional novels and is trying to explain why, how he did and what happened. I am not setting out to present a treatise or a new way of writing fiction or challenging established writing processes or creating a new vernacular to describe writing. I’m just telling my story in language as simple I can muster.

With that stated, I’m carrying out a promise I made to put up some of my ideas about self-publishing. It’s been a fascinating experience, particularly in terms of learning about the whole publishing process. I hope the subsequent articles assist you in some way.IMG_8280 copy1