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Who is Jessie Croft?
Why has she disappeared from Wiluna?

Who are Gabriel, Clarrie and O’Halloran?
What is the mystery behind the mesmerising eyes?

In seeking answers, Detective Inspector Greg Johnson from Kalgoorlie is taken beyond anything he’s ever imagined possible, and finds his way of life and the lives of his three daughters and grandchildren threatened.

The Wiluna Solution involves solving crime across two different eras. Detective Inspector Johnson is on the verge of retirement when he has to investigate the disappearance a teacher in Wiluna, north of Kalgoorlie.

But he also learns a great deal about the significance of Wiluna as a gold-mining and cattle centre, as the rail head for the Canning Stock Route, and as a site for competing Aboriginal and European histories.
And he comes to understand that love, and caring for people and justice, can transcend extraordinary boundaries.


NOTE: An eBook of The WILUNA Solution is available from Amazon (Kindle) or from Dave as a PDF eBook.