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Hi and this is to let you know that both this Saturday (28th May) and the following one (4thJune leading to WA Day), 101.7 with Tony Howes and Dale James will play a different short story each day. The stories are usually just after 11.00 am. The first one is called “If you Dunno, you Arks” while the second is termed “Really Useful Knowledge”. Both occurred in my time in Kimberley as the regional director of education and both are light-hearted. The second one, however, still carries a fairly profound message. Again, both are read by Paul whose capacity in voice makes me feel lucky, and at the same time, proud of what he can do and has achieved. His ability to carry of the intonations and pidjin are wonderful. By the way, the tune he uses to introduce each story is one he wrote and plays. He has an album of recorded songs, some of which are up on iCloud. Between he and Drew, whose group, Karnivool are about to record Album number four which should go gold like the other three, and Karen on the piano, there’s not much musical space left in this family.

If you get a chance, listen in to 101.7 and, as usual, one of the two published novels will be available as a prize for a lucky listener.





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    • admin

      23/10/2016 at 4:13 pm

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