Tony Howes has informed me that he and Dale James and the program Capital Events, on 101.7 Capital Radio, want to continue to broadcast Aussie Yarns Short Stories this coming year. Apparently all their feedback has  been very positive. Thanks for the support, Tony and Dale and all those who have rung and left messages. Much appreciated.

The scheduled day over 2017 will be the first Saturday in each month. So this Saturday, 4th of February, is the starting date for this year.  As far as I know, the reading, still being performed by Paul Goddard, will occur around 11.00 am, although we can’t promise that will necessarily be the time. This week’s story is entitled, “It’s a Different World.” It will be up on the website as soon at it is read. This photo is of the reader, the shot coming from an advertisement for Jeep that he did a couple of years ago: “Are We There Yet?”