Hi and hope all is well for you.

I had feedback that the story played on Saturday on 101.7 was very well-received. Apparently a number of people phoned the station and commented positively. While as the author of the story, I’m okay about taking some credit, I must acknowledge Paul’s reading of it: a delightful interpretation. If you missed it, you can get it on the following link: http://aussieyarns.com/short-stories-2/its-a-different-world/ as long as you have sound on your machine.

Alternatively, use the www.aussieyarns.com link, go to the SHORT STORIES heading, and scroll down to “It’s a Different World”. The recorded version is at the top of that page. Let me know your thought if you choose. Another story will be played on Capital Radio 101.7 on the first Saturday of March.