I spent time at VisAbility in East Victoria Park chatting about Audio Books. The idea emerged on our promotional trip to the south, and libraries at Albany, Denmark, Walpole and Bridgetown all had large sections of Audio Books. In chatting with librarians, they spoke of different groups of people who used Audio Books, including not only the sight-impaired but long-haul truckies, farmers on tractors, and people driving to or from Perth or between country towns for work. That led me to speak with Dinesh and the staff at VisAbility about the possibility of producing Audio Books. One of the staff members, by the way, is Susie Punch, whose father Keith was the chief supervisor for my Ph.D.

Their offer is certainly well worth considering and part of the reason is the possibility of partnership between myself and Karen as authors and publishers of the novels, and VisAbility asa marketing and production entity with the capacity to extend the reach of our novels. At the same time, I am exploring the private sector through our son Paul, whose contacts in the realm of voice-overs has given him ideas about how to record and produce Audio Books.

But whether I choose to go with VisAbility or not, I was hugely impressed by the production team, their facilities, and the enormous number of volunteers who assist in the production of Audio Books. To be part of that production set-up is certainly a motivating factor. Good on you people and well done.