101.7 FM is presenting another of my short stories on Saturday on the program Capital events with Tony Howes, probably around 11.00 am. It’s called “My Sixth Birthday Party”. It’s a yarn I’ve told to try and explain my deep interest in Aboriginal people and their cultures, and an event which I believe was an abiding influence what’s become my life’s work and learning. Through Aboriginal people and their cultural ways of knowing and doing, I’ve come to the conclusion that one culture exerting power and control over another will always fail, either in political or humane terms, and overcoming the problem the requires an understanding of what I call a “Between World”, and the ability to work with a design called “Mutual Ways” to accommodate different cultural ways of knowing and doing. Does it work? Well, my observations suggest it does. Anyway, have a listen if you have time to the genesis of those two ideas, many many years ago. In fact, “Hiding Place”, my first novel, expands on the theme of coming to understand how to operate productively in a “Between World”.
One presenter of the program, Dale James, has left the station and I acknowledge her support on my behalf in my writing career. I understand she is or will be on Curtin FM on a fortnightly basis (6 pm to 9 pm every second Tuesday, the next show being 23rd May). So I wish her well and hope we remain in contact. Well done, Dale and all the best.
On another front, we have several presentations coming up in the second half of this month, which is gratifying and shows the novels have created considerable interest.
I also received an offer from a publisher to produce “Turn on a Light”. My response so far has been full of caution. I want to know more about the company, which in effect means undertaking due diligence: researching to find out what I can from  independent sources about the company. The other has been to notify the company that I am undertaking “due diligence” and asking them several pertinent questions about their operations and information contained in the contract they forwarded to me.
I’ll let you know more about all that when I learn more.