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For those who missed it in The West Australian, below is a review of “Turn on a Light”. Elaine Fry commented on eight Western Australian novels, including the work of Linda Moore whom I know well and whose work and support I appreciate. Have a look at all eight by going to  today’s edition: Tuesday 11th October 2016, THE WEST AUSTRALIAN today 10

I offered the review Elaine did for me in full below. I thank her for the summary and also acknowledge the support of Will Yeoman of The West.

Authenticity a local highlight

Elaine Fry

Wr16_03_16 Turn-on-a-Lightiting about places that are well known to the author produces novels that feel authentic. The following titles from Western Australian writers attest to their genuine connection to their stories.

Dave Goddard’s third and latest novel, Turn on a Light, (Piccadilly, ebook $11.00) is set in a small Aboriginal community outside Kalgoorlie, where children are inexplicably dying. Seeking to find the reasons why embroils a teacher, newly posted there, in a murky political storm.

A gifted writer with a conscience, Goddard’s writings reflect his experience working in the outback and his genuine appreciation of Aboriginal culture. His fiction embodies the possibility of being “an extension of reality”.


We also collected copies of The WILUNA Solution yesterday in audio book form. It’s in DAISY MP3 format, and we are now waiting for a few CD versions to be forwarded. It’s fascinating to sit and hear the interpretation of someone reading it: the different nuances and emphases placed on different lines and characters. A wonderful experience.

Our thanks to Dinesh Burah and Susie Punch of VisAbility for all their work, Elwyn Edwards as the reader of the story and Jane Gibbs for her support of Elwyn. We are delighted with it as a product, and understand that Hiding Place is now in production.

We will let you know the prices of the different formats of the novel shortly.