1. The first item below you may have seen on Facebook but I’ve put it up here as well. I’ve noticed that “See My Picture” as a short story on the www.aussieyarns.com website has created a lot of interest over the last few days. Thanks for the visits and hope those who did enjoyed or were at least challenged to see an alternative view of life.  As I said earlier in the week, the story will be played on 101.7 Capital Radio on Saturday 4th March around 11.00 am. A copy of “Turn on a Light” will be available to a lucky listener and I know Tony and Dale will be asked for comments, which can be left on dave@aussieyarns.com or by going to www.aussieyarns.com website and clicking on contact to send something through. As I’ve said, the story challenges current thinking about developing more positive futures for Aboriginal people and the information came from those people. The story looks at the difference between “equal outcomes” and “equitable outcomes” and as challenge, may not be how everyone sees things. So feel free to listen and comment. I’d appreciate feedback and I know Tony and Dale at Capital Radio would too.
2. Karen and I are going to England in mid-September for three or so weeks. Out of interest, I sent to a few publishers in London to see if there was any interest in the concept of Aussie Yarns and the novels I’ve written. Two companies responded after viewing the website, one requesting the manuscript for “Turn of a Light”, while the other was very interested in what I’d done so far with “Life Sentence”. I have no idea if this will lead anywhere: most approaches like this don’t, but who knows. It was at least heartening to get a response, which is more than I sometimes achieve with Australian publishers. I will keep you in the loop if anything happens.
3. We are undertaking a lot of presentations in the next three or so months with various clubs such as View, National Seniors and Probus, as well as book clubs and, interestingly, a WAFL Australian Rules club. That gives us the chance to spread the word and sell some novels and we are grateful to those clubs and people for providing the opportunities.